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Is Court Marriage Safe In India ?

A traditional marriage generally means a huge number of people, pomp and show. However, nowadays people are not in favour of following this traditional practice and have started to accept the practice of court marriages because of its simplicity.

The Constitution of India permits a male and a female to marry under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Court marriages could be completed within one day and in the presence of three witnesses, a few required documents, and a few simple steps.

However, people are still a bit apprehensive about the advantages and disadvantages of court marriages.

What are Steps to follow for Court Marriage?

Mentioned below is the procedure for the court marriage in a few simple words:

Prior notice to the Marriage Registrar

Before the marriage, a marriage application is required to be submitted to your district’s marriage registrar. This notice is the notice for intended marriage which could be obtained by anyone from the official website of the Indian government or an office desk.


The couple would also need to show up on the appointed day with three adult witnesses along with their identity proof.

Registry and certification

After their mutual consent has been signed, the groom and the bride would be given a government-issued marriage certificate within twenty days validating and legitimising their marriage.

Advantages of the Court Marriage

Court marriages in India have become increasingly popular in the last few years because of the numerous advantages provided by it on a societal as well as personal level. Mentioned below are some benefits of the court marriages in India:

Quick process

Long ceremonies and rituals that a traditional wedding has are not required to be followed in the case of court marriages. It is quite a simple and quick process that is over in a few hours if you have brought all the necessary documents with you. Court Marriage In Nagpur as well as other parts of the country are hassle-free and you could decide to follow the procedure if you are eligible.


A huge Indian wedding could drain your pockets. People usually spend a huge chunk of their savings for a huge wedding. On the other hand, Court Marriage In Chandigarh could be solemnised without any of the pomp and show, as they are simple and elegant. Court marriage is a helpful method for anyone who wishes to avoid spending their hard-earned money on a huge wedding.

Helps preventing social evils

A number of social evils including child marriages, forceful marriages and dowry demands could be related to marriage in India. But, these social evils could be prevented with the court marriage process.

Court marriage shall be concluded only after both parties have consented to it and it is confirmed by the marriage officer that they are marrying of their own free will. Court marriages are safer as they are concluded only after confirming the residence and age of both parties.

Provides legal security

The most significant benefit of Court Marriage In Ahmedabad is that they are fully legal, authentic, and safe because they assure that the couple satisfies the legal requirements for marriage.

There is a specific system ensuring that the bride and the groom are eligible to marry, hence prohibiting the occurrence of illegal marriages.

Also, court marriages will be registered directly in the records of law, women's legal rights are thus secured and hence, lowering the chances of financial bias and domestic exploitation.

Removes religion and caste barriers

The caste system has been and still remains a huge problem in our country for many centuries. It was basically introduced in society as a working system so as to improve the society, however, soon became a horrific way to oppress and discriminate against the people belonging to lower castes.

Because of differentiation in religious and castes of people, a number of couples have to face various issues while getting married. In these situations, a court marriage is their best option.

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